Farewell Red Colobus?

The Zanzibar Archipelago, to many, is the idyllic holiday destination, a place to relax, soak in the sun, and revive the senses; the quintessential island paradise. However, as a photographer and a conservationist, I was keen on discovering the ‘real’ treasures Zanzibar had to offer and set about on a journey to uncover Zanzibar’s remaining

Por Aditya Swami
13 de janeiro de 2010

A Billion Dollar Jungle*

Stopping tropical deforestation is part of the struggle against climate change. Developing countries expect rich nations to help pay for it. But will human rights be respected when megabucks are on offer?  credit: FAS/divulgation You reach the Juma reserve, a 589-hectare piece of land covered with thick rainforest in the Brazilian state of Amazonas, only

Por Redação ((o))eco
4 de agosto de 2009

Sugarcane and the invisible ecosystem

The expansion of ethanol sector in Brazil should overall have a beneficial impact, according to WWF. But more needs to be done to safeguard the "invisible" ecosystem, the Cerrado.

Por Tim Hirsch
3 de junho de 2008