13 de agosto de 2020

All talk, no walk: ‘Green’ financiers still support Amazon beef industry

In December 2015, after four years of negotiations, leaders of 195 nations decided to unite to slow down global warming. They signed the Paris Agreement, in which they committed to take measures that would contain the global temperature rise to 2° Celsius (3.6° Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial levels. Each nation defined its own targets for meeting this

11 de agosto de 2020

Paper maze and lack of transparency cloak investment in companies involved in Amazon deforestation

Last year, journalist Débora Gastal decided to start putting aside a nest egg so she will be comfortable in her golden years. At the age of 31, she joined the 13.5 million Brazilians with a private or supplementary pension plan—an investment option in which the bank uses clients’ funds to play the financial market and generate