Brazil a wreck on trawling control

The lack of control amplifies the impacts of trawling, a technique that uses fine-mesh nets to “scrape” the seabed, sweeping up everything in their path; species of low commercial value return to the waters, almost always dead.

Por Aldem Bourscheit
17 de agosto de 2021

Stock indices let Brazil meatpackers shed ties to deforestation, draw investors

A hundred and twenty-one million dollars. That’s one-third of the 2019 net profit of the world’s largest meat producer, JBS. It’s also the amount that JBS, together with competitors Marfrig and Minerva, raised on Brazil’s capital market thanks to the stamp of approval from the Brazilian stock exchange. But as with many things in the world of

Por Fernanda Wenzel Naira Hofmeister Pedro Papini
6 de outubro de 2020

BlackRock’s $400m stake in Amazon meatpackers defies sustainability cred

Wall Street fund manager BlackRock administers 2.2 billion reais ($408 million) in shares in the three largest Brazilian meatpackers operating in the Amazon today. The cattle purchase and slaughter operations of JBS, Marfrig and Minerva involve 6.9 million hectares (17 million acres) of land at high risk of deforestation. That puts BlackRock’s investments at odds with

Por Fernanda Wenzel Naira Hofmeister Pedro Papini
24 de setembro de 2020

Amazon meatpacking plants, a COVID-19 hotspot, may be ground zero for next pandemic

Between 2016 and 2020, 26 new cattle slaughterhouses were registered inside the Brazilian Amazon, bringing the total number of meatpackers in the region up to 183. This is worrisome news, given the fact that cattle farming is the largest contributing factor to deforestation in the Amazon, generates large quantities of greenhouse gases, and is responsible for one-third of cases of